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Saturday, April 20, 2013

ICT training boosts Judiciary

Kyuso Senior magistrate court was started in 2010 at Kyuso market in the far north of  Kitui County and the staffs deployed immediately to bring services closer to the people.

During orientation Mr. Francis Mulinge visited DC’S Compound to familiarize with other government offices he saw community knowledge (Maarifa) Centre within, he was curious to find out what happens in the Maarifa Centre.

On visiting the Centre, Mr. Mulinge was happy to hear about the free services offered. However of interest to him was news about a free computer training opportunity which he enrolled immediately.

Francis Mulinge works at Kyuso Law Courts as an accounts clerk. His office was supplied with a computer but could not use it. “I had a computer in my office but couldn’t use it. I was wondering who could take me through basic computer operation.” he confessed. 

After going through the ICT training for 1 and half months, Mr. Mulinge begun to use the computer in his office. “Nowadays my work is online I sent daily reports online. There is very little paper work in this office.
Mr. Mulinge attributes the efficient in his work to ALIN through one of its centre – Kyuso Maarifa Centre


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