ALIN Awarded 2011 Access to Learning Award by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

James Nguo, ALIN Regional Director, rejoices after the announcement in San Juan, Puerto Rico by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Photo: © BMGF

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Groups benefit from household water treatment units

Kyuso adult and continuing education department benefited with the solvatten water boiling apparatus. Solvatten AB, Lion Club Osteraker in Sweden and Kenya One World linking have combined forces to assist the people of larger Mwingi i.e. Mwingi Central ,Kyuso, Tseikuru and Mumoni, Kenya, to help themselves attain a better livelihood. 

Speaking to the Adult and Continuing officer – Kyuso Mrs. Agnes Mughi who is also the chair lady of Kyuso Maarifa Centre Advisory committee said the technology is best placed with adults.  “Adults frequently apply their knowledge in a practical fashion to learn effectively. They must have a reasonable expectation that the knowledge recently gained will help them further their goals.” Said Agnes.

Rivers, rock catchments, boreholes in larger Mwingi especially in kyuso are primary source of water in this area. The water collected from all these sources is not safe for drinking without boiling. By promoting the use of Solvatten they will improve hygiene and reduce water related problems for both adult and children by 80-90%, reduce poverty by increasing the time used by mother in economic related activities, promote effective and affordable intervention that is environmentally friendly. It’s meant to reduce deforestation by high percentage. The families will use less time to search for wood and for boiling and it will contribute to a sustainable development by counteracting deforestation.

The container has indicators and can boil up to a capacity of 10litres of water. The organization is selling it at Kshs 2000 in the area which they said it’s a subsidized rate for it cost kshs 15,000 in supermarkets

Monday, December 3, 2012

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