ALIN Awarded 2011 Access to Learning Award by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

James Nguo, ALIN Regional Director, rejoices after the announcement in San Juan, Puerto Rico by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Photo: © BMGF

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Kyuso Maarifa centre has been offering free computer training to the community of Ukambani since 2005. This time round the Maarifa centre has been conducting mass ICT training to all interested member of the community without discrimination. Before the training the trainee are oriented and having every trainee give their preferred time of training. The Training are distributed into a session of 2hrs each and therefore 4session a day. So far we have managed to train 84 trainees (35Male 49Female ). Enjoy every documentation of every event.  
Trainee during Orientation meeting with the Field Officer and ICT trainer
ICT Trainee carrying Inveneo computer and other ICT equipment to the training room

Trainer taking attendance role call
Trainee waiting for their ICT training schedule

ICT Training on session

ICT Training on session


Linus Mwendwa Muthengi is a Division Agricultural extension officer in Ngomeni Division of Kyuso District which is 30 Kms from Kyuso town where the Maarifa centre is located. According to Mr. Muthengi it has been a challenging situation when they are overtaken by fresh graduates deployed to agricultural sector despite them being the pioneer of the district agricultural offices. 

Due to the distance and tight schedule Mr. Muthengi opted for a Saturday as a training day. “I will rather get training for one day per week than missing it at all”

Through the Free basic training, he thinks that he will be able to do office work without a problem. He added that he will improve in reporting, data entry since he will not have to give the data to any body else for analysis.  “It is my hope that the embarrassments we get from our seniors will end after I complete my computer training with ALIN” says Muthengi.

Mr. Muthengi also thinks of venturing into a computer service business since there is none of such business in Ngomeni.  “I would be grateful if I get somebody who can sell me a laptop at a discounted rate”


Beatrice Muthakye Mwasi is a 35yrs old lady who has a passion in Music. Muthakye thinks after learning how to operate and use a computer she will be able to compose and venture into production of Music. She is planning to start a make up Music studio after she buy a laptop. When she is sure that she can make it to the market, she will start music studio for business. “I was very happy when the field officer-Kyuso told me that he can train me on how to edit audio/music because he will have boosted my capacity in meeting my dreaming” said Ms Muthakye.  Since she doesn’t have money to start music production she is planning to talk to her relatives so that they may help her open a computer college in Tseikuru or Usueni so that he can gain capital to start music studio.


Patrick Mutua is a 20yrs boy who is very dedicated to his studies. After completing his secondary education course at Kamuwongo secondary school in 2011 she thought of learning computer skills but his parents couldn’t have money to take him to the local computer college. When he heard of the free ICT training at Kyuso Maarifa Centre he did everything he could so as to secure a place for training. Despite the parents lacking money to take him to the local college, he actually says that he can not imagine where money to buy him some computer hardware to start a business after completing the course came from. “After starting my training at Kyuso Maarifa Centre my cousins sat and decided to buy me a computer and alter to buy me a printer to start with” said Mr. Mutua. Am planning to kick start my business immediately I complete my course.