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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Poor production and sale has been attributed to poor farm record because of poor extension or ignorant of farmers.  Due to this Sokopepe Ltd, a social enterprise under license of FIT Uganda has introduced FARMIS (Farm Record Management Information System) Kenya, a platform that allows you to track all your farm business activities in one place.

The system enable the farmers keep records of all stages of production such Tillage, Input procurement, planting, pesticide application, harvesting, post harvest with help of a farm book.  The farmer will be in a position to calculate the profit and loss of each farm enterprise after subtracting the expenses from income after sale.

This system is aimed at benefiting farmers by provision of Farm book for better record keeping and management, system generated report on their enterprises e.g. Ledger report , Profit  and loss , balance sheet, Ability to assess own performance, linkage to financial institution to receive structured loan, Market linkages , receiving marketing information as well as farming tips via mobile phone
Problem it solves
Provision of Market prices
Lack of Market information
Collection of production data using FARMIS
Continuous supply of produce (sustain the supply chain)
Support the Bulking of produce among farmers
A lack of Market information
Provide a payment system-trading platform
Payment problems
Track record for financial credit through FARMIS
Lack of access to agricultural loans
Extension services through provision of market information
lack of Market information
Farmer Identification Services
Lack of Farmer identification
Trading platform for transaction processes
Lack of Farmer identification
Physical training in Farming as A Business
Poor farm management leading to poor production yields.
Farming Tips- Market Information
Market Information (Market linkages)
Farming Tips- Production information
Poor farm management leading to poor production yields.
Call center
Poor farm management leading to poor production yields

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