ALIN Awarded 2011 Access to Learning Award by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

James Nguo, ALIN Regional Director, rejoices after the announcement in San Juan, Puerto Rico by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Photo: © BMGF

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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Alone, scared and lost about life after high school in 2009 and with no experience or expertise in anything that seemed to matter in real life outside school, ALIN Started a free Information Technology Training Centre in my home area in Kyuso at a time when I must admit, we didn’t even have a single computer in the whole district and most of us had never seen a computer before. 

Looking back four years back, I truly can appreciate enough the impact that Kyuso Maarifa Centre has endowed my life since I enrolled for a Computer End-User-Proficiency course in 2009 and began reading their diversely resourced library of development and business books in 2009 that has enabled me advance my university studies.

ALIN’s courses on Multimedia and Web 2.0 Tools empowered me with information to start blogs and actualize my dreams of impacting the society with information through designing my blogs Job Kasambyo Initiatives, Because Life's A Gift, Youth Revolution -Kenya and Inspired World Philanthropy. These Web 2.0 tools have been instrumental in the formation and organization of my development initiatives.

Multimedia training at Kyuso Maarifa Centre has enabled me to take commercial contracts to make videos and movies in social and official functions, an experience I’ve come to enjoy as well as contribute to my income. I’m in the process of creating my own online commercial motivational videos and host them on YouTube and Picasa.

The Maarifa centre later in 2011 introduced me to online Web Design courses, where I undertook a course in Web Development from the Alison website. Since that training, I have become a professional wed developer with a business profile of developing websites for schools. ALIN also helped me create a business website for my web design business at MBIO GROUP INC. which has expanded my customer base.

At the moment, ALIN hasn’t left me behind and is my first choice in providing me with information on my current course in computer programming through its welcoming, ready, willing and able to helpful Field Officer at Kyuso John Njue who is also training on Community Journalism. After these courses, I hope to form the first online community blog in my district where the community will share agricultural and development information. 

Kyuso Maarifa Centre has empowered me with information on development, technology, agriculture, management and enabled me pay my college fees and in my university research. 

I’m also grateful to ALIN’s Kyuso Maarifa Centre on behalf of the whole of my family who are among the thousands of beneficiaries of its trainings within and beyond Kyuso District. The community in Kyuso is more than honored to have the Centre and we pray, thank and bless the Field Officer Mr. John Njue who has found a way to send a lifetime of impact in every life, young or old. Thanks to ALIN, Now I can chat my with my ALIN-trained 50 year old mother on Face book,  I have a growing business and hope to get a first class honors degree on completion of my B.A Development Studies with IT this year. 

With Regards,

Job Kasambyo Ben

Maseno University.          

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Government worker Job Promotion through ICT Training

I Philip Munywoki Kitheka   of Ngomeni Division, Kyuso District. am  an adult  of  sound mind do  hereby  give a self  testimony concerning  the benefits that  I as an  individual  have acquired from Kyuso Maarifa Centre.

I do work with government of   Kenya   -ministry of state for provincial administration and internal security. I was employed by the government in January, 2008 as a clerical and deployed at the district commissioners HQs- Kyuso.          

On   25th August, 2011 I sat for clerical proficiency test and passed. It is clearly stated in the circular that once a clerk has passed the proficiency, will be promoted to the next job group (From   clerical officer 2 to clerical officer1)

After passing the proficiency examination I had a very little knowledge about computers. I had no certificate as per the requirement for promotion. My certificate was only introduction to Ms-word’ 97. I was supposed to have sent my request for promotion with computer certificate covering.
·         Introduction to computer
·         Ms word                                                                                                                 
·         Ms excel 
-    Ms power point   
-    Internet                                                                                                                     

 These packages are mandatory for one to be considered for promotion.    
I had no other option apart from registering for evening classes with ALIN Kyuso under the free ICT training programme. After undergoing are two month training and issued with a certificates covering the required packages, I  forwarded the certificate to the authorized officer and as a result  I was promoted immediately to Clerical officer 1.Kudos ALIN for your concern to the community of Kyuso and other areas.

·         Free internet connection and browsing keeping me connected to my colleagues.
·         I am also taking my diploma in human resources management - University of Nairobi, Kyuso Maarifa centre has greatly assisted me in internet Research with unlimited research time.

I am also writing my research proposal for my team paper project; Kyuso Maarifa centre library has some of the best books assisting me in my research proposal writing.                                       
My thanks and prayer goes to:
1.      The ALIN administration.
2.      Mr. John ALIN –Field officer -Kyuso.
Mr. Julius Mwonga a tutor at Kyuso Maarifa Centre for their support and concern, they have the heart for people.

May God   bless ALIN!!

Free ICT training enable youth secure jobs

Gladys Kariiri finished her Secondary education in 2011 at Gankanga secondary school. When she finished school there was nobody who could have advised her on career development because most of her class mates got married immediately they completed their secondary level. Tharaka division of Mumoni district is challenged by the infrastructure since there is not even an edge mobile network and hence the resident are cut out from the neighboring districts i.e. Mbeere to the west and south east. 

One day her former teacher came to their home stead and informed her that he overheard that Kyuso Maarifa centre was offering free ICT training. The teacher had to work for 87kilometres to Kyuso to register Kenya certificate of Primary education (KCPE) candidates when he got the news.   

So when she heard of a free ICT training opportunity being offered at Kyuso Maarifa Centre, Gladys saw this as a God send opportunity. She made every arrangement possible to make sure she was in the next class. She travelled rented a house for 2 month for she could not travel for 87km every day. She saw that as a golden chance to gain skills, look for employment and save money to do diploma in psychology.

Here, she got trained on five computer packages which included; Ms Word, Ms excel Internet and e-mail, Ms Power point and introduction to technology.
After undergoing the training for two months, she was proud to graduate and awarded with a certificate which she says marked the start of her success. First she was successful in independent electoral and boundary commission (IEBC) interviews where she was a polling clerk. It wasn’t long before she secured a current employment at Musyoka Computer services in Kyuso town. 

Here, her duties include; typesetting, printing, photocopying, photography (passport).  
“The training was excellent because we had a qualified trainer, he was good at identifying each trainees need, strength and weakness” The 2 month training by ALIN through Kyuso Maarifa Centre changed my life completely because I was able to gain practical skills that am using in my current job,” Says a proud Gladys. .
Ms. Kariiri congratulates ALIN for giving her chance to advance her career positively. Whenever she has a problem she doesn’t hesitate to call Maarifa centre staffs since she says are very professional and friendly  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kenya's Largest Dam to Benefit Kitui, Tharaka Nithi and Tana river County

Construction of Kenya’s biggest dam is set to start soon along River Tana. The proposed Shs 150 billion High Grand Falls Dam will be the single largest undertaking by the government in the water sector and will supply water to the Lamu resort city and port.

The 165 square kilometre dam will also be used to generate between 500MW and 700MW of electricity and help to control flooding in the Tana delta that displaces thousands of people every year.

Its construction will be funded through a public private partnership with firms from the People’s Republic of China and the Export-Import Bank of China providing the finances.

“A feasibility study and a detailed design of the High Grand Falls Dam on Tana River is now complete and work will commence any time now,” the outgoing permanent secretary in the Ministry of Water, Mr David Stower, told Smart Company during a dam inspection tour in Koibatek District, Baringo County.

The proposed dam will hold over 5.6 billion cubic metres of water and will border three counties — Tharaka Nithi, Kitui, and Tana.

“Apart from generation of electricity, the massive water in the dam will be used to irrigate more than 200,000 acres of land. This will go a long way in boosting food production in the country,” Mr Stower said. Full story