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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Government worker Job Promotion through ICT Training

I Philip Munywoki Kitheka   of Ngomeni Division, Kyuso District. am  an adult  of  sound mind do  hereby  give a self  testimony concerning  the benefits that  I as an  individual  have acquired from Kyuso Maarifa Centre.

I do work with government of   Kenya   -ministry of state for provincial administration and internal security. I was employed by the government in January, 2008 as a clerical and deployed at the district commissioners HQs- Kyuso.          

On   25th August, 2011 I sat for clerical proficiency test and passed. It is clearly stated in the circular that once a clerk has passed the proficiency, will be promoted to the next job group (From   clerical officer 2 to clerical officer1)

After passing the proficiency examination I had a very little knowledge about computers. I had no certificate as per the requirement for promotion. My certificate was only introduction to Ms-word’ 97. I was supposed to have sent my request for promotion with computer certificate covering.
·         Introduction to computer
·         Ms word                                                                                                                 
·         Ms excel 
-    Ms power point   
-    Internet                                                                                                                     

 These packages are mandatory for one to be considered for promotion.    
I had no other option apart from registering for evening classes with ALIN Kyuso under the free ICT training programme. After undergoing are two month training and issued with a certificates covering the required packages, I  forwarded the certificate to the authorized officer and as a result  I was promoted immediately to Clerical officer 1.Kudos ALIN for your concern to the community of Kyuso and other areas.

·         Free internet connection and browsing keeping me connected to my colleagues.
·         I am also taking my diploma in human resources management - University of Nairobi, Kyuso Maarifa centre has greatly assisted me in internet Research with unlimited research time.

I am also writing my research proposal for my team paper project; Kyuso Maarifa centre library has some of the best books assisting me in my research proposal writing.                                       
My thanks and prayer goes to:
1.      The ALIN administration.
2.      Mr. John ALIN –Field officer -Kyuso.
Mr. Julius Mwonga a tutor at Kyuso Maarifa Centre for their support and concern, they have the heart for people.

May God   bless ALIN!!


youreffectiveleadership said...

undIf you just work hard, nothing will be impossible. Congrats to you man! You deserve your promotion. I would like to share an article that might be helpful to you.

Vida Lou Fornillos said...

This is a good achievement for you. Now this just proves that ICT training can really help each and everyone of us out. Having the basic knowledge of it help us improve our skills.

Anonymous said...

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