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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Donkey business

 In most of the ASAL area receives low and erratic rainfall as low as (300-500mm) and hence acute water shortage.

People and livestock rely on water on wells and rock catchment usually constructed 2-10 kilometers  and people are forced to use donkey to ferry water.
In a place like Kyuso (kitui county-Kenya), if one asks you to choose between rearing beef animals and keeping donkeys, please take the donkeys. For the few days I have been in Kyuso, I have seen the importance of donkeys. My analysis is as follows:
Rearing beef cattle
Expenses:_ hay @ at kshs 150 per week,
                  :_ water @ kshs 20 per 20 litres per day,
                  :_ veterinary services kshs 800 per year,
                  :_ labour kshs 30 per day.
Revenue:_ sell it at kshs 50,000 at the end of the year.
Profits= 50,000 less ( expenses )
             = 50,000 _ (7800+7300+10950+800)
            = kshs 23150
Keeping donkey
Expenses are far minimal because it will only require veterinary services which amounts to kshs 1000 per annum. 
A donkey carries 100 liters of water which costs kshs 100 and can take a minimum of 5 trips a day.
Assume it only works for five days a week.
Profits = revenue less expenses
             =(500*5*12) _ 1000
             =130,000 – 1000
             =kshs 129,000
The assumption is for one bull and a donkey. 

Love your job even if it looks disgusting,
Be proud of what you do,
Let your goals lead you and,
Be happy and enjoy what you do.
In whatever you undertake look at the benefits.
Money is the determining factor in any small, medium, huge, clean or dirty job but don,t steal.

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