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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorghum quality

Gadam sorghum was declared cash crops in the six districts hived from the larger Mwingi district, (Mwingi central, Mwingi West, Tseikuru, Kyuso, Mwingi East and Migwani) by Senior Assistant Director of Agriculture, Mr, Muia Muindi. Since this time stakeholders has been promoting this crop species day in day out. There has been bumper harvest of this crop since the promotion started especially in Ngomeni in Kyuso District.
The Government launched the sale of newly introduced Gadam Sorghum and green grams in the larger Mwingi district to East African Breweries Limited (EABL) and World Food Programme (WFP).
Quality is a factor that should be considered as the promotion of the crop specie continues for the quality of Gadam sorghum or any other sorghum variety may be affected by insects, excessive heat, mold and sprout
The quality of any variety of sorghum will depend on the genetic, environment, harvesting, drying and storage condition as well as handling/blending
The following are the quality an employer will consider when buying any sorghum variety:
1.      Moisture content maximum          13%
2.      Aflatoxin Maximum                     10 ppb
3.      Broken grain maximum                3%
4.      Sprouted  grain maximum            1%
5.      Other Impurities maximum          1%
6.      Tannin content Maximum            1%
7.      No bad smell
8.      No poisonous Chemicals
9.      No live insects
10.  Maximum 10 dead insects per 1 Kg
11.  Must from entire harvest

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