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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kitui County raises voice for resilience to climate change

Kitui county government and its stakeholders have embraced effects of climate change and have action plan to adapt or mitigate to it.

The government of Kitui supported sustainable land management project funded by UNDP to organize a world environment day in Kyuso sub-county and have its governor Dr. Julius Malombe officiate it.

While addressing the gathering Malombe said that the most affected by effect of climate change is livestock due to lack of pasture caused by unreliable rainfall. He urged the residents to harvest water for domestic consumption using roof catchment and also conserve water in their farms by planting trees and digging terraces amongst  other structures.

He also urged stakeholders to promote use of traditional value crops such as sorghum, millet, cassava amongst others and urged the community too to embrace the use of these foods.

“The county government has a plan of constructing 60 subsurface dams in each ward” said Malombe. A subsurface dam is an impervious barrier constructed beneath the surface or a river or stream to retain water upstream by raising the water. The water will be used for irrigating small farms and hence increased income because these dams will be near to everyone.

World environment day (‘WED’) is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and planet earth. It was established by United Nation General Assembly in 1972 on the day that United Conference on the Human Environment began.

WED is celebrated every with different themes. Over the years WED has grown to be a broad, global platform for public outreach on environmental issues that is widely celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries. WED is one of the United Nation primary vehicle through which it stimulates environmental awareness, enhances political attention and action worldwide.

Today environmental concerns are major issues all over the world. These issues relates to the natural element that makes up the earth and surrounds living organism, enabling life. The environment is not a single factor but a lot of things which interact and interfere with human activities. Human environment concerns are related to proper hygienic conditions. Importance of clean and healthy environment should be emphasized to each and every individual on the planet. When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy environment it's everybody’s responsibility.

 Climate change has been recognized as the most serious and threatening global environmental problem. While natural variations in climate over time is normal, human are contributing to climate change through emission of substantial amount of greenhouse gases. Some green gases exist naturally in the atmosphere and are necessary to keep earth at global temperature suitable for ecosystem and life as they have evolved. However greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from human activities are building up and trapping extra heat in the atmosphere.

This year’s county theme was “RAISING OUR VOICE FOR RESILIENCE TO CLIMATE CHANGE.” Mwingi North sub-county` had an opportunity to show case the initiatives and best practices that the community and other stakeholders are undertaking and to act as an example for sub-counties to embrace

How will you make your voice heard this year for environment?
The call this year is to recognize that we all face the same challenges and are connected and united by our common goal of a sustainable and prosperous life. The call is to raise our voices in solidarity with one another, particularly with citizens of Kenya in general and Kitui County in particular. Whether it is to organize clean ups campaign, Food water reduction initiatives , plastic ban, art exhibit, tree planting drives, concerts, dances recitals, recycling drives and social media campaign because every action counts.

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