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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weather Observation station for Kyuso and surrounding

Weather forecasts and historical climatic data form part of the core information required by most farmers when making strategic and operational decisions. Historical data can be used to determine climatic trends which could assist in determining which crops and/or varieties to plant in an area.

The resident of Kyuso might benefit with a weather/observation from Kenya Meteorological centre. Talking to extension officers in Kyuso, the assistant director of Kenya Met  Mr.Ayub Shaka and  Mr. James K. Muhindi from the forecast department Heard from the extension officers that the weather forecasts that is depicted by Makindu Weather station does reflects here (Kyuso).

The extension officers thought it would be wise to establish an observation station in kyuso since the Makindu weather/observation station is 299Km from Kyuso and this the data they rely on

Mr. Shaka gave the Extension officers and local leader hope when he said that they can still establish a community radio station in the area through Ranet program. He said the locals should also contribute by:

1.       Provision of premises (2 Rooms)

2.       Volunteer presenter (KMD will interview volunteers)
3.       Steering committee (Volunteer)
4.   Land 2.5 acres (future development)

This will be an initiative of Kenya Adaption to climate Change in arid Land (KACCAL) and stakeholders. 

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