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Monday, October 22, 2012

Video - Lets use it for development

Video As the importance of dissemination and impact becomes increasingly recognized. Most people are using ever more innovative methods especially when integrating video and blogging.

Kyuso Maarifa centre take video as the best way to reach a desired target audiences. Most people especially in Ukambani don't have time for other modes of dissemination but when its come to video they will allocate sometime for it. The field officer conducted a survey that accommodated the community their levels of interest, and levels of understanding

The question that led the officer to come into a conclusion that video will suit best in this area are as follow:
What is their availability in terms of time?, the community level of interest?, Would people come in seminars or meetings? Could one reach the community through an article?, are there organization that could help in information dissemination?

The Maarifa centre do video screening in the centre, during field days and also using ipod technology.
As the technology improvement takes place, Kyuso community is not left behind. Kyuso Maarifa Centre  is situated in Kyuso district, Kitui County. Kyuso is located approximately 60 kilometers from Mwingi town.
The Ipod technology hit the communities around the district in 2009, unleashing both technology and information on livelihoods and climate change. 

The gadget was highly received with curiosity and enthusiasm by the community members. Nobody had ever seen such a gadget in the area

ipod contents.
Different videos and pictures on climate change and livelihoods awareness, adaptation and perceptions were synched into the gadget. These videos and audio programs can be watched and as well listened to through the ear phones by the user. The ipod can be connected to the computer and use the I tune soft ware for wider viewing and listening.
The I pod have other contents like music, photos, pod casts, Games, calendars, clocks and alarms
This is as well attracting most young people to the centre. Young people are normally very much curious to learning new technologies.

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