ALIN Awarded 2011 Access to Learning Award by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

James Nguo, ALIN Regional Director, rejoices after the announcement in San Juan, Puerto Rico by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Photo: © BMGF

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It is quite clear that the community  ALIN serve appreciates the services offered at different Maarifa centres.All categories of users appreciates the efforts ALIN through its Maarifa centres to disseminate practical and useful information in their community.

During the recent open day in Kyuso the above was clear. Every body who had a chance to speak to the particpants had a reason to thank Kyuso Maarifa centre for. The District Commissioners Kyuso Mr. Peter maina said during his speech that he has related very well with ALIN and more so Kyuso Maarifa centre. He added that every government department represented in Kyuso has benefitted through one way or another.  he said numerous people are able to access information that they couldn't.

More over he said most of his officers have been trained on ICT skills in the centre. He said that the free training have helped many people including farmer, NGO/CBO , Students and government officers. He said among the officers trained is the District Crimainal Investigation Officer (DCIO)- Kyuso. What the DC found interesting is that even the old are getting trained on this skills. He was happy to award certificate graduates of over 60yrs.

He said i quote "with what ALIN has done for us, i will be willing to help them according to my ability  " said DC " who ever will try to separate me with ALIN and Kyuso Maarifa centre will face the consequences "

He also complimented the work done  by Kyuso Maarifa centre field officer Mr. John Njue. He asked whether everybody who uses Maarifa centre services knows John. He was amazed to find even the Farmers who had attended the open day knew the field officer.

He advices the community to utilize the centre and advised the youth to use social sites positively.

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